The Best Defensive Outfielder In MLB History

That is an image of the best outfielder in MLB history, according to Rawlings.

Recently, Rawlings announced the Gold Glove All-Time Team. The mashup at the top of this post takes the 3 outfielders and makes one super baseball player. The three honorees are Willie Mays, Ken Griffey Jr. and Pittsburgh’s own Roberto Clemente.

And now you can have night terrors about that image.

The Pirates are planning on celebrating Clemente’s inclusion at this Saturday’s home game against the Blue Jays. Pittsburgh will host Clemente’s widow, Vera, as well as Roberto’s sons Roberto Jr. and Luis. Roberto Jr. will throw out the first pitch.

Clemente was a 12-time Gold Glove recipient during his 18 years as a Bucco. He helped pave the way for the modern Latin ballplayer and became an inspiration to Pittsburgh kids of all generations. Though I come from a different age group, I was taught at an early age to respect and admire anything Clemente-related. This is why I’ve wanted the league to retire Clemente’s #21 league-wide.

And in case you were wondering, I used these pictures of Mays, Grif (classic)and Clemente. Horrifying.


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