The Coaching Staff Failed Against The Eagles. That Can’t Happen Against The Ravens

(pictured blatantly stolen from here)

I kinda agree with Bob Smizik. Wow, never thought I’d type that. We’ve had our differences, some of which we covered in our interview/discussion, but I’m actually on his side for most of this article.

Bob talks of how the coaching staff failed to make any adjustments to the Eagles’ relentless pressure, and blame should fall directly on their shoulders. Tomlin agreed and accepted blame, so…good for him.

This is something that we need to take into account going into the Monday night game against the Ravens. Another birdbrained defense (get it? Ravens, Eagles…ah, screw it) is going to throw some random shit at our O-Line, and attack the Willie Parker-less running game. I’m not as concerned with Joe Flacco and the Ravens O. We held a better Philly offense in check for most of the game. But the Ravens D vs. our O-Line and running game is a different story.

So yeah, adjustments had better be made. Or else this is just going to continue to piss me off. Graded well? Wow.

However, I don’t fully agree with Smiz. He mentions that Tomlin is 5-6 in his past 11, basically questioning if Tomlin is as good as we thought he was. If we aren’t to get too high after wins over Cleveland and Houston, then let’s not go the opposite after a Philly loss. Remember that we are still 2-1 with a division win under our belts. The failings at the end of last season have little to do with this year.

The coaching staff was rightfully criticized after the Philly game, but let’s not doubt our head coach after a tough loss.

Now if we lose on Monday…