The Flyers Suck

Are you pumped for the Pens/Flyers series? You should be.

I figured that Flyers fans (much like Patriots, Browns, Rangers or any other Pittsburgh rival fanbase) would be trolling Google to find instances where their team is mentioned in a negative light, so I plan on exercising my right to bash, should any Flyers fans (pictured below. Nice Hollister bag, douche) find this.

Philly sucks and is stupid.

The Flyers are idiots, and I think several players are having relationships with each other.

Your city can’t win shit.

Go boo Santa.

Go throw batteries.

We hate you.

Daniel Briere sucks and has a dumb face.

You signed the lesser of the two Sabres free agents, and we just dispatched of Drury in 5.

Pittsburgh rules.

Ben Franklin sucks.

Our mascot skates faster than Derian Hatcher.

Rocky uses steroids.

MAF > Biron.

Ryan Malone > R.J. Umberger

Marvin Harrison tries to shoot people in your city.

I’d probably punch a Mummer.

Tigger (pictured at the top of this post) is your biggest fan.

BethRawks, what is your take on the Flyers?

Done and done.

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