The Only Petition That Matters

Have you seen the petition to the NFL to investigate the final 1:40 of Super Bowl XLII? It was created by idiot Patriots fans. Its been on KSKMJD hit on the topic…and I’m mad. This is the same type of bullshit that Seahawks fans pulled after Super Bowl XL. “Ooooh…Jackson didn’t push off in the end zone!” Whatever. Patriots fans, take your 16-0 regular season and go be quiet somewhere.

In response to this outrageous petition, I took the time to start my own petition. Its to all other NFL fans. I urge you to start referring to Patriots fans as “Nerd-Ass Idiot Dork-Jerks.” No joke. I’m sick of this crybaby attitude. First, they defend personal cheaters like Rodney Harrison. Next, they pull the Jedi Mind Trick and change the subject everytime someone mentions Spygate (read the comments). Now, the NFL was wrong to let the Patriots lose in the Super Bowl. Incredible.

Do the right thing. Sign the petition. Let Patriots fans know where they stand.

And please point out every typo. I wrote this in like a minute. I know I spelled “referred” wrong.

I can’t wait til the hate mail starts pouring in. I love hate mail.

Petition For All Patriots Fans To Be Referred To As “Nerd-Ass Idiot Dork-Jerks.”

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