The Penguins Have A Good Shot At Making The Playoffs

Currently, our beloved Pittsburgh Penguins sit atop the Eastern Conference standings with 81 points. Now, its a shared lead, seeing as the Montreal Canadiens also have the same number of points. However, Pittsburgh owns the tiebreaker due to an extra regulation win.

With 15 games remaining until the playoffs (and only 7 points separating playoff slots 1-8), I wanted to see our chances of making the playoffs, and where we could possibly be seeded. For this info, I checked in with the only link on my blogroll with badass next to its name, Sports Club Stats.

On their Penguins page, SCS has an intricate breakdown of the different playoff-seeding possibilities for our club. For example, there is literally no way we can relinquish the top overall seed in the East if we finish 15-0 (obviously), but we also have a nearly perfect chance of staying #1 should we drop 2 games and go to 13-2. With the Devils on our heels, those are the only sure fire ways to hold onto the top seed.

Also, I wanted to see if its possible that we don’t make the playoffs (scary). Our playoff chances dip below 100% should we finish the season at 6-8-1 (at the best). We miss out on the playoffs all together if we end the season on a 1-13-1 run. Personally, I like our chances.

If you’ve never checked out SCS, I suggest you do so at your earliest convenience. Tons of data and analysis about every professional teams’ respective chances at making their league playoffs. Fun stuff.

And for you negative nellies out there (I promise never to use negative nellies again), look to the bright side, as Sid is expected to return to the ice tonight.

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