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The first half of the Penguins season is over. The best recap of the first 41 games is over at the Pensblog. Honestly, where else would I direct you?

The team’s record is currently 23-16-2, and their 48 points are only 1 behind division leader New Jersey. With the slow start, coupled with the red-hot pace set early by Philly, the Penguins cannot be mad with where they currently sit. Now, everyone in the Atlantic are one win streak away from taking the division lead, so the Pens better not sit back and take a complacent attitude in the second half. I mean, 4 points separate the leader from the basement. Its safe to assume that there will be a considerable amount of Willie Shoemaker-ing for position down the stretch. Jockeying, dorks.

Now, Pittsburgh is currently the #4 team in the East. I’d love to stay on this side of the 4-5 split for the playoffs. Last year, we ended the season on the wrong side of the 4-5 seeding with Ottawa. We all know how that turned out. Home games in the playoffs are clutch. The current 8-2 run has helped our surge in points, and overtaking New Jersey in the division would propel the Penguins to the #2 seed in the East. I know we still have a half of a season to play, but the team needs to keep their eyes on the prize. We’ve been able to win despite key injuries to guys like MAF, Gary Roberts and Max Talbot, and getting those guys back down the stretch could help the team make a run at the top seed in the East. And try and tell me that you weren’t hoping for something like that before the season began.

If Ottawa stays hot, we need to keep pace to delay any matchup with the Sens as long as possible. A 2, or possible 1 seed would hold them off till the Conference finals, assuming that their current record keeps them within contention for the best record in the East. And assuming that both teams take care of business throughout the season and playoffs. I don’t like to assume, because it makes an ass out of ume. Or something like that. I just don’t want another repeat of last year’s postseason. The loss to Ottawa hurt. So much that I refused to write about the Penguins for some time. I’d rather write about the 3rd Cup brought to the city.

But back to reality, I can’t say I’m too disappointed with where the Penguins currently sit. And Sid just got the most votes for the All-Star Game …again. That warms the shit outta my cockles. My cockles is burnin’.*

* Big Trouble is the best movie Tim Allen’s done this side of The Santa Clause.

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