The Pittsburgh Colts Dance Team Is Clutch

Funny Shit!!!!

Hey guess what? Training camp starts in a week, the Penguins signed some people and the Buccos offense looked hot last night. So today, I’m going to discuss…the Pittsburgh Colts.

The semi-pro team is playing their home games at Cupples Stadium on the South Side, home to our Pittsburgh Passion. It was in looking for more info on this team that I found the above video. Its from last season, but I’ve never seen it. And since its from Webshots, I doubt you’ve seen it as well.

First off, dance teams rule. I literally have no problem with dance teams (except for my high school letting a weird dude onto the squad in one of my last years there).

I’m not going to lie, though…I could probably rock out most of those moves, save for maybe the assisted cartwheels. I’m guessing these are the chicks, most likely from the Pittsburgh DancExplosion (I see how they did that).

So yeah, watch that video while I try to convince you that this isn’t a completely bullshit post to keep you occupied. I’m going to go study the game film and cut a rug.

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