The Pro Bowl Needs More Flattop Fades. Vote For Nate Washington

Guess what, Steelers fans, your boy Nate Washington is sitting on the Pro Bowl ballot, waiting for your vote like he’s been waiting for that Roethlisberger bomb to drop.

I never thought I’d see the day where Nate Washington was catching balls and making a case for the Pro Bowl. Now, his stats aren’t mind-blowing, and he doesn’t stack up against perennial Pro Bowlers, but the guy has been invaluable for the past coupla weeks, and he deserves the praise.

And if that means I gotta start a grassroots campaign to get him elected to the Pro Bowl…then so be it.

Honestly, how many other guys with at least 15 yards per catch have a sick Fresh Prince-style flattop fade? I count one, and he’s doing all he can to show up higher-profile WRs like Hines and Santonio in the “run real deep and catch this bomb” department.

So it’s in your hands, Steelers Nation. Get that flattop fade to Honalulu.

NFL Pro Bowl Ballot. Vote For Nate Washington And His Flattop Fade

P.S. You have no idea how hard it is to find a picture of Nate Washington with his current ‘do.

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