The Steelers Are Obama’s Team

Man, Obama is pulling out all the stops in order to win over the Western part of PA.

According to this video, Barack is a huge Steelers fan, and he adopted the Black and Gold as his team when he was growing up in Hawaii.

I do like that Barack is pushing for acceptance in the Steelers half of the state. After all the bullshit we put up with concerning Ed Rendell and his man-crush on Philly, its good to see a politician stick up for the Steelers and Pittsburgh.

Honestly, Ed Rendell, shut up with Philly. You almost cost Pittsburghers the Penguins, then wanted to build a soccer stadium in Philly. SOC-CER! Jerk.

That last bit doesn’t really concern the whole Obama/Steelers connection. I just needed a place to vent about Rendell.

I’m trying not to weave politics into my posts, but its getting hard with all the Steelers love in the Obama camp. Hell, I’m not even trying to weave male pornography into the site, but we all know how that went.

Props to Barack.

All this Obama/Clinton/PA bullshit will be behind us shortly. Breathe easy, folks.

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