The Steelers Suck

Sorry for the mad amount of Youtubes lately. Work has been hitting me hard with all-day meetings, and I don’t want you to leave PSaMP empty-handed. This is the best I can do with the time I’ve got.

You do remember that this week is our first AFC North divisional game. And its against the Gowns (I was gonna use Brownies or Clowns, but Gowns is highly underused and fits perfectly with their girlish nature). So I scanned Youtube to find the latest smack talk, and the newest thing is a video entitled “Pittsburgh Steelers Suck” (above). I figure it’ll give us fans a little more motivation, so we don’t rest on our Texans-game laurels. Hell, I do my best to keep the team motivated…why not the same with the fans?

I coulda just linked to the random Browns thing(?) peeing on a Steelers fire hydrant, or the Steelers dog humping the Browns stuffed animal, but this is the latest piece of bulletin board material.

Funny how all the Steelers Suck/Browns Rule videos on Youtube cleverly forget that the Steelers have won 9 straight against Cleveland and 16 of the last 19. Man, we suck so hard.