The X Games Are Totally Ripping Off Cloverfield

I know I’m not the only blogger who’s hyped for Cloverfield.

Which is why I’m way disappointed that Winter X Games 12 is blatantly using the buzz created by Cloverfield to help publicize the upcoming event in Aspen. Fake rumor alerts and Youtube videos clearly outline a viral campaign of event promotion. Hell, ESPN even got help from competitor Chris Burandt to breed intrigue (click NEWS and look at the 12.14.2007 entry).

Now, that is a complete non-issue until you see the commercials for this thing. Wobbly camera views and static let the audience know they are looking through a handheld camcorder. A monster is seen just outside the Superpipe. Imminent danger is felt within an iconic landscape.

When I first saw the commercial, I thought to myself, “Oh no, did Cloverfield sell out to Disney in some cross-promotional stunt a la Led Zeppelin?” Nope, just an advertising scheme that is clearly in place due to the months of discussion that Cloverfield has created.

The picture above is the best I could do with a shoddy cell phone and the Winter X commercial. Plus, none of you dorks have uploaded the video of it to Youtube yet. Don’t be askin’ me to do that stuff. Its beyond me.

Conclusion – Weak ripoff.

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