This Dude Sucks And Is Not A Steelers Fan

How do I even begin to insult this douchebag?

Uh…nice weak stream, asshole?

According to the Youtube description, the pee-er is a Steelers fan. At least in his own mind he is. Look:

Watch as I take a leak on my favorite jersey.

Favorite jersey? I don’t care if this was a lost bet or some drunken mishap…you never pee on anything involving your favorite team/jersey. Drink your own pee before you pee on Steelers memorabilia.

The Marian Hossa shirt on fire? Acceptable, since he left the team for the Wings. Peeing on the jersey of the quarterback and team captain just days before the start of the regular season? Not forgivable. You’ve just been ostracized from Steelers Nation, jerk.

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