Troy Polamalu’s Younger Brother Might Be Good at Football, Too

Man, I didn’t even know Troy had a younger brother. According to his profile, Troy only has one brother, Sakio, and three sisters. But then I remembered about Troy’s name change.

Early in 2007, Troy changed his name from Troy Benjamin Aumua to Troy Aumua Polamalu. Polamalu was his mother’s maiden name, who I believe Troy lived with after his parents divorced. They split right after Troy was born, so Troy wanted to honor his mother’s side of the family. If his father’s last name was Aumua, like the kid in the above video, perhaps the two Aumua’s are half-brothers.

Gotta love blogger research and speculation.

Still, the kid mentions that Troy was a huge influence in his football life, so it appears that the two have some sort of relationship.

Most of this video is just Russell going through drills and sprints, and any useful information comes after the 6 minute mark. He’s a senior in HS, so if Troy can quit getting concussions for the next 3-4 seasons, we could potentially see an all Aumua defensive backfield in Black and Gold.

He’s gotta be better than Anthony Smith, right?