Verron Haynes Likes To Bounce Checks

Stupid Verron and your flashy cars.

It appears that (former?) Steeler Verron Haynes sucks at paying bills (he was released, but still appears on the team’s roster). He’s being sued by A&L Motor Sales in Monroeville for deciding against paying for a 2001 Aston Martin. God, I’d love to be rich and (quasi-) famous.

Verron obviously likes to live beyond his oft-injured-barely-a-third-down-back means, paying only $7,650 on a $67,500 luxury car.

What in the hell is Verron Haynes buying that he’s bouncing three checks to a car dealership? Has he already blown through his entire contract?

Oh…obviously hyperbaric chambers (image NOT Photoshopped/MS Painted by me):