Watch Your Back, A.O.


I’ll open that thought up to discussion, but in my mind, the best player in the 2004 draft was taken SECOND overall.

Now, I’m not doubting A.O.’s brilliance. Look at those NHL stats, and you’ll see that his goal total to this point in the season is surreal. Kovalchuk can light the lamp, but I don’t see him catching Ovechkin.

The same cannot be said for the overall points race. Out of nowhere, Geno has skyrocketed to within one point of A.O.’s league-leading total of 78. It looks like the reigning Rookie of the Year is going to notch his first 100-point season, and possibly take home the Art Ross (if not more) Troph(ies).

So how do you judge talent? Is A.O better because he scores more goals? Or is Geno’s stat line better because its more well rounded?

You can have the flashy goals whenever you want, I’ll take the guy who scores AND sets up his teammates with an increased regularity.

Geno is better than A.O. The Penguins are better than the Capitals because of it. And Sid’s on the road back. Dirty.

End of story.

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