Which Local “Celebrity” Will Support The Pens?

Poll time.

We all know celebrities come out full force to watch sporting events, should their local teams consistently succeed (Jack Nicholson) or fail miserably (Spike Lee).

Celebrity hockey fans are different, primarily because the NHL doesn’t pull massive audiences, thus making “appearances” seem unimportant.

However, Snoop Dogg showed love for the eventual Cup-winning Anaheim Ducks last season (pictured above), and other celebrities (pictured below, in order, have been known as die-hards…or at least made special showings. In addition to Snoop and his Ducks, Sandra Bullock and Jesse James (Kings) as well as Hulk Hogan (Lightning) have been linked to the NHL as fans.

This got me thinking. If the Penguins continue to carve through the playoffs, which “celebrity” with local ties will or should make an appearance at Mellon Civic Arena? Here are your choices. Let me know if you have a name for the “Other” category.

Michael Keaton. He’s hard on (didn’t mean to put those two words together) the Buccos front office, so will Mr. Mom Beetlejuice Batman switch from baseball to hockey?

Donnie Iris. Come on. Its Donnie. I’d be pissed if he DIDN’T show up.

Jeff Goldblum. My mom used to work at a hospital with his dad. Will he come out of whatever hole he’s currently hiding in and support the Pens?

George Romero. Yeah, he wasn’t born in the city, but consistently using Pittsburgh as the setting for his movies is good enough. Prior to the Crosby regime, Penguins hockey could best be described as a zombie flick. Enough to bring Mr. Romero to the games?

Mr. Rogers’ Ghost. He should totally haunt that place.

Dennis Miller. Appearing could only help. Seriously.

Other. Sharon Stone, Wiz Khalifa, Christina Aguilera, Kurt Angle, Arnie Palmer? Totally up to you.

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