Which Penguins Streak Is Better?

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Currently, the Penguins are on a 12-2-0 run that has propelled them to first in the Atlantic Division. Actually we’re tied with New Jersey at 55 points, but come on…first place is first place.

This current run reminds me of this time last season, when a solid stretch gave a barely-.500 Penguins team the boost it needed to make the playoffs. Last year’s playoffs were a bit of a surprise, seeing as how the team was awful in the year prior. This year, well, us fans are hoping for more.

My question to you is this…which streak was better, the 16-game unbeaten streak of 2006-07, or the current 12-2-0 stretch which still has the opportunity to get better? Before you decide, I’m gonna throw out some facts and figures.

January 13, 2007 – February 18, 2007
16-game unbeaten in regulation streak. (14-0-2).
74 goals scored, 4.6 goals per game.
45 goals against, 2.8 goals per game.
Dismal 43 points before the streak, 73 after. 30 point increase.
Division-leading NJ – 56 points before the streak, 78 after. 22 point increase.

December 15, 2007 – January 14, 2008 (current)
44 goals scored, 3.1 goals per game.
28 goals against, 2 goals per game.
Decent 32 points before the streak, 55 after. 23 point increase.
Division-leading NJ – 36 points before the streak, 55 after. 19 point increase.

SCARY INTER-STREAK FACT: The streak-starting game in 2006-07 ended with an Evgeni Malkin empty-net goal. The most recent game during the 2007-08 streak ended with an Evgeni Malkin empty-net goal. We’ve officially come full circle.

If you want to know my preference…I’m voting for the current streak. Now, being unbeaten in regulation in 16 straight games is awesome. However, Marc-Andre Fleury was 12-0-2 during that streak, so its safe to say he played to the level that we all had hoped when he was drafted at #1. The current streak has been helped by Ty Conklin, the guy who started the season in Wilkes-Barre.

And last year, Sid finished the final 10 games of the streak with just one goal. During this streak, Sid already has at least one game with multiple goals.

Going back to the facts I mentioned above, the current streak has allowed the Penguins to take the division lead. That’s huge, and a massive difference maker in my mind. And while the offense isn’t as ridiculous during the current streak, we’re buckling down of defense and allowing less goals per game.

You know my pick. Now make yours.

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