A Penguins Curse Is Broken

I briefly told you that I went to the Penguins game on Long Island on Saturday. However, there was much more behind the scenes than just some Pens fans invading the Coliseum.

@usbzoso has the story at his brand new, totally awesome Penguins blog, PensHead.

Our friend Peter is a huge Penguins fan. He’ll travel anywhere to see the team, even heading to Detroit for games 1, 2 and 5 of this year’s SCF. They were all losses. In fact, Peter hadn’t seen the Penguins win in person since the late 90s, a streak of probably 20-25 games or so. So as shown in the fantastic Game 7 episode of Yinz Luv Da Guins, Peter tells the camera how he didn’t go to Detroit for the clincher because he didn’t want to make them lose another. He really believed he was cursed, and every statistic proved him correct.

Earlier this summer, we organized 100+ Pens fans to go to the Coliseum for Saturday night’s game. We though, “Hey, Peter can’t ask for a better way to break his streak than with 100 other insane Penguins fans in an enemy’s arena.” But Peter needed to ensure that his curse would be lifted, so we went to some witchcraft place or something.

Friday after work, I met usbzoso and Peter in NYC’s East Village to see how we could break this curse. We found a place called Enchantment, and Peter got himself some candles, oils and salts. One was for quick luck, the other for prolonged success. These would be perfect for the immediate fix for the next night at the game, as well as the full season as we try to win the Cup again.

Video of our adventure is above, and be sure to check out PensHead for the rest of the story.

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