A Steelers Roller Coaster Would Be Badass


So yeah, I can’t upload pictures right now, so the site might get a little Youtube heavy until I can figure this out. Gotta love working out the kinks on an all-new site.

But even if I could upload pictures, I’d still probably find a time to use this video. If only because it reminds me of old-school Roller Coaster Tycoon, and the Steelers are somehow involved. Man, I remember when my cousins first got Roller Coaster Tycoon. That stuff was awesome, but you couldn’t make a Steelers-version coaster, like this video has.

Actually, this fake coaster looks an awful lot like Top Thrill Dragster, the 420 (hee hee) foot monster at Cedar Point. I never rode it because I went when the ride first opened, and the line was a few hours long. Milennium Force was kickass, though.

Dude where was I? Totally got off topic. Oh yeah…this Steelers coaster rules.

My blogging ability is unmatched.

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