A Thank You To Versus

I wanted to send a quick thank you to the Versus network for sending out a bunch of t-shirts and hats to give away at our Pens bar here in NYC. I’ve done some work with Versus in the past, so I reached out to them before the Eastern Conference Finals, and we gave out their swag during the Game 4 clincher against the Canes.

I’d like to believe that we’re the biggest and most passionate group of Penguins fans outside of the city of Pittsburgh, so it was great that Versus, and Sinuate Media could help us out with the giveaway. Major props to Ling, Andrew, Leah and everyone that helped coordinate getting stuff my way.

Also, thanks to Kristin for getting pictures of the night.

Winners of sick shirts and hats were Megan, Nick E., Steve King, Larry G., Darla K., James Jack, Cara, Vijay P., Kyle B. and Heather.

I’m trying to keep a calm head going into the Finals, so this is what you get prior to the games this weekend. I’m too anxious to start discussing the upcoming series here.

NBC can eat it for shutting out the Penguins’ outdoor screen during their broadcasts. Games 3 and 4 will be on Versus, so in addition to them sending our group some free stuff, we have a favorite network outta the two of ’em.

Go Pens!

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