Aaaand…Snoop Is Back

Football season is getting closer. Yes, the unbearable heat of August is one telling sign, but there’s another more prominent way of knowing this. Snoop is back on board with the Steelers.

He’s a noted Steelers fan, who, every now and then, decides to pop in with other teams…sporting their gear or visiting their practices. RavensEagles…maybe there’s something with birds he just likes? But every time his allegiance is questioned, as soon as the season comes along, he always proclaims love for the Stillers. It’s as if you almost want to hate him, then you just realize that he was probably baked out of his mind and somehow ended up in a floppy hat in Westminster, MD.

So he stopped by Sportscenter (h/t jasonromano) to set the record straight. The Steelers are his team, and if you don’t like it, he’ll just blind you with a slick rhyme or make you laugh at his sheer ridiculousness. Dammit, we can’t hate you too much, man!

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