– What is PSaMP and Other Wild Facks.

PSaMP was a child of the Nearly-Kansas City Penguins-times. The first post was March 13th of 2007. Although I’m a massive Steeler homer, The Penguins provided the inspiration for the site. I wanted to create a place where I could voice my opinions on my three favorite teams. Those three teams are the Patriots, Senators and Red Sox. I started out writing in all lowercase, because I thought it would look cool. It didn’t. I capitalized and punctuated. Shortly after launching the site, I started covering the Pittsburgh Passion, the city’s kickass Women’s Football team. I even interviewed the star Running Back. They won the Championship. I consider PSaMP the official unofficial Passion blog. Rekonize.

– What’s Up With the Name? A Joey Porter’s Dogs-Tribute?

Nothing to do with the Joey Porter instance. Sorry if that crushes someone’s imaginations about the site. I’ve always loved Pittsburgh sports. For as long as I can remember, miniature horses have had an equal level of badass-ness. Regular-sized equine are weird. Only mini ones are cool. I wasn’t going to try to think of some clever, kitsch-y title with some fantastic side reference. I named the site to reflect what you’ll get at PSaMP. Pittsburgh sports. And mini ponies.

– How is PSaMP Pronounced?

Pee-Samp. Learn.

– What Was The Original Site Explanation?

You don’t have to be the biggest Steel-City fan to enjoy PSaMP. You might even be someone who would kick a mini pony if you saw one. But I’m not. What you have stumbled upon is my site, dedicated to the sports happenings in my hometown. Yeah, my Pittsburgh bias is evident, and if it shows itself in my posts, then you’ll just have to deal with it. Keep your eyes peeled (that’s actually a pretty gross statement. Think about it) for the mini pony of the day, because aside from Pittsburgh sports, there is nothing cooler than a mini pony. And I may update on some entertainment news, or my own personal rumblings, or maybe something completely off topic. All that matters is PSaMP is here, and ready to rule.

– What’s MPotD?

Mini Pony of the Day. Its what sets PSaMP’s coverage/analysis apart. Our teams provide championships and heartaches on a regular cycle. Through the constant ups and downs, you can always rely on a totally rad picture of a hilarious mini pony at PSaMP. I began this as a joke, and expected to run out of pictures/videos within the month. Turns out, there are an endless supply of miniature horse pictures and media on the world wide web. If you ever find the coolest picture of a mini pony, email it to me at psampmail@gmail.com. It will be used.

– When Can I Expect Posts?

I try to get you at least a sport-ish story and a MPotD every day of the workweek. The weekend is a different monster. They’re usually pretty stagnant, and a stray post might break up a random, typically-postless weekend.

– Who Writes PSaMP?

I go by Tecmo here. I go by Nicholas everywhere else. Its just me and my imagination. Although, I have had some fantastic sportsblogs drop by to contribute. At my overhyped-tactic 6 Month Anniversary, Awful Announcing, LarryBrownSports, Pensblog, Sportsocracy, DoubtAboutIt and my sister all dropped by. Eddy Spahgetti played Hiatus Daddy for a minute. But in the end, its just me.

– Is it True That You Picked a Kicker for the Steelers in a Mock Draft?

Yes. At AA’s Mock Draft. It was the Second Round. I picked Mason Crosby, who tore it up in Green Bay as a Rookie.

– What is Monday Morning Chrysler New Yorker?

Steelers game recap. Explanation here.

– Do You Actually Cover The Pirates Here?

I guarantee a plethora of Pirates posts during the always ridiculously long Buccos season. Or at least til training camp at St. Vincent.

– Where Did Tec Go To School?

At said St. Vincent College. One reason for going to St. Vincent was the Steelers.

– Why The Simple Template?

Because I suck at Html. And because this is a sportsblog, not some corporate-owned entity with a flashy layout. I make $0 at PSaMP. Its entirely independent, and is 100% for the reader.

– One of The Top Three Sports-Moments of Tec’s Life…?

Acting out the Penguins Stanley Cup wins with my two older sisters out in the yard while my dad videotaped on Betacam or some stuff. We used a left-handed hockey stick, a field hockey stick and a whiffle ball bat (or possibly a croquet mallet in place of the whiffle ball bat. My sister emailed the possible correction). Puck = whiffle ball. My younger brother, who was probably 3-4 at the time, walked into the path of a whiffle slapshot from Troy Loney or someone. Right in the face. Might be the best thing ever captured on film.

If you have any other questions, leave ’em here or email me at psampmail@gmail.com.

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