Look, Youtube videos are crucial to this site. If I’m going to highlight the local fans as much as I do the athletes, teams and owners, then fan videos are the way to go.

To you upstart bloggers out there, you must beware the dangers of Youtube. You may think you’ve stumbled upon the next great viral video, but most of the time, you’re dead wrong.

Take, for example, my trek into Youtube-land today. I searched for “steelers” to see if there was anything unique and/or funny to be found about the team. What I came across was a file named steelers 006. And now my life has meaning.

That video is at the top of this post for your…enjoyment? I’d love to discuss this more, but I find myself drifting off into subliminal thoughts that seem implanted in my brain by someone else. Can’t really explain it.


* If you don’t get the reference in the title of this post, go here, then here. Then leave because you should’ve already known it.

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