At Least One Pittsburgh Team Is Going To Lose

ESPY award nominees were announced today, and I pretty much care as little as I thought I would.

However, since Pittsburgh became the first city to claim both the NHL and NFL championships in the same year, that means the ESPY for Best Team will pit the Stanley Cup-winning Penguins against the Lombardi-hoisting Steelers. There’s other nominees up for that award, but they aren’t winning.

The ESPYs are pointless, but the ‘Burgh-on-‘Burgh violence that the outcome could cause might be catastrophic. A loss by either team (or both!) won’t somehow make the championships themselves disappear, but in a town so devoted to their sports teams, bragging rights about the popularity of either club might start riots.

There may be some Pittsburgh nominees in other categories, but I really didn’t care to look.

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