Ballhype Might Be A Little Off

One useful website for sportsblog writers and readers is Ballhype. It collects the top sports stories from the information superhighway and gets it all in one place for you.

Yesterday, the Ballhype page for the TK and Tanger doing the weather story made its way through the front page of Ballhype thanks to a link from my friends at Sports Rubbish. When a blog post gets a link, Ballhype picks it up, and associates tags to its content.

If you look at the screencap above, Ballhype recognizes NHL and Hines Ward as being a part of that story. Now, Hines only played a bit part in it, but I’ll give them credit. However, I’m not sure why Kris Draper was added…unless you count him and his Red Wings losing to the Pens as integral to TK and Letang’s weather report.

And then there’s Tyler Hansbrough. Me typing that right here, right now, is the first time he’s even been mentioned on this site. Pittsburgh fans have little interest in terribly annoying NBA draft picks, and I’m sure NBA fans have little interest in a city like Pittsburgh that has no professional basketball presence.

But I guess I appreciate the help. And if any NBA fans accidentally find themselves here thanks to Ballhype’s mixup…welcome. Consider this your introduction to Pittsburgh sports. And mini ponies.

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