Baseball’s Steroids Era Is So Much Of A Joke That They Made A Game Out Of It

It’s no big mystery that the Pirates get the least of my writing attention at PSAMP. Take the past 16 years of Bucco ball and couple that with a Super Bowl champion football team and a Cup Finals-worthy hockey team, and you can guess where most of the blogging effort goes.

But baseball as a whole has suffered recently, thanks to the steroid cloud. Not gonna lie, we’re pretty sick of hearing which superstar did which supersteroid. Much of baseball’s legitimacy has been turned into a joke by prick athletes who tried to cheat the system, but it’s even more of a joke when people feel compelled to create a flash game about the epidemic.

Enter Baseball Juiced, a game I happened to just stumble across. In it, you take control of a player and decide whether to hit the gym or shoot up some ‘roids. I’ve included the game below so you can play, too. Fun!

Your player options are:

A-Fraud (Rodriguez)

Marky McWeird (McGwire)

Josie Conswaco (Conseco)

Jasen Gambini (Giambi)

Berry Bombs (Bonds)

Slugger Slimeberry (?)

Remember when these guys were on top of the world (except Slimeberry…still don’t know who that is)? Berry Bombs will always have a spot in my heart from his time in Pittsburgh, but it’s amazing to see how comical these fools have become. They made a computer game about your idiocy, ya ‘roid-heads!

Anyway, pick a guy, choose to do steroids or lift weights, then try to hit homeruns. Or something. I think they keep you out of the Hall of Fame if you do ‘roids.

My, what you’ve become, baseball.

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