Ben Roethlisberger Got Beat By LeBron James

Sorry if you were desperately waiting for the Guys Choice Awards and I just spoiled the surprise.

Big Ben was up against LBJ in the category of Most Unstoppable Jock. Apparently, James (1 conference finals win, 1 conference finals loss, 1 finals loss) is so much more unstoppable than Roethlisberger (2 conference finals wins, 1 conference finals loss, 2 finals wins, all-around badass but fat). Spike voters know their math like none other.

But it took a basketball player for Big Ben to finally lose to the Browns (in a roundabout way).

However, one category that I failed to mention in my earlier post on this was the Play of the Year bit. And the Big Ben/Santonio combination to win Super Bowl XLIII took home the gold! I only say “took home the gold” because they beat Michael Phelps for doing something. Does swimming even classify as a “play?”

Winner information courtesy of this press release via Busted Coverage. Leave it up to Spike to misspell Big Ben’s last name on that press release.

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