Ben Roethlisberger Is More Unstoppable Than LeBron James

A Chrysler New Yorker couldn’t stop him.

A bum appendix couldn’t stop him.

The Seahawks and Cardinals couldn’t stop him.

LeBron James, with your ZERO titles (to this point)…you may try, but you will fail just like the rest.

Spike TV is doing some ceremony called the Guys Choice Awards or something. In it, they have ridiculously random categories, facing two opponents against each other. All the categories are geared towards dudes, as you would expect from Spike. Big Ben is up against LeBron in the Most Unstoppable Jock part of the festivities.

So go vote for Ben. I did. We can’t let someone from Cleveland beat a Steeler…I mean, Ben’s undefeated against the Browns in his career. Vote at that link above, or the one below these words.

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