Ben Roethlisberger Throws A Football Worse Than That Dude At The Penguins Parade

Prior to this weekend’s US Open, Ben Roethlisberger took part in some celebrity amateur golf tourney, with Rocco Mediate as his caddie. I’m not even sure if this video is from that tournament, but it’s Ben at a golf tournament, so who cares? (Actually, Bethpage doesn’t have water like this, and this video is apparently from a tourney last year in Tahoe. I don’t care.) In it, some guy with a headset and microphone gives Big Ben a football to sign and throw out into the sea of boats.

For whatever reason, someone was there with a Cincinnati Bengals flag. Now, finding out if any Bengals players were at the event would take some time and research, which I’m really not trying to do.

Ben chucked the ball towards the Bengals flag with minimal effort. I’m not even sure if he was trying to hit the supposed Steelers fan out in the water, because the video is too short for me to find where said Steelers fan was at. You better believe that kid from the Penguins parade would’ve hit the Steelers fan right between the numbers.

Thanks to Chandler for the vid.

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