Big Ben is a Human Wrecking Ball

It’s amazing how much a unique-looking fatass like Ben Roethlisberger looks like so many weird people. Remember Ben in Rock Band 2?

Well, Ben also resembles a dude on one of my favorite shows, Human Wrecking Balls on G4. The HWBs are Paul and Craig Pumphrey, dudes who have made their name by, well, breaking things with their bodies. Craig is a balding oldass, but his younger brother Paul, known for his shoulder ram, is a complete monster.

The premise of the show is to let these guys go up against man-made things like airplanes, cars, offices, bars, movie theaters…and just try and destroy everything with only their fists, feet, shoulders, heads, etc. More or less, the show kicks major ass.

Paul (above, right), also bears a striking similarity to Big Ben Roethlisberger. If Big Ben can axe-kick, punch or shoulder ram through the Cardinals on Sunday, the metamorphosis is complete.

Badass video below will let you non-watchers in on the sweetness of this show. Oh, and new episode tonight at 10:30 PM. I really can’t wait.


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