Big Ben Is Prettier Than Tom Brady

From the WSJ via Deadspin comes this unreal study of how every starting quarterback in the NFL is “cute.” No really, this was in the WSJ. Facial symmetry is a common trend among football’s signal-callers, which is fantastic news, I guess. So naturally, I had to check where Big Ben ranks.

6th! This guy!

Ben came in with a 99.43% symmetrical face. No word on how much the facial reconstruction after his motorcycle accident aided his case. But still, all the haters who claim Ben is nothing more than an average QB can all eat it! NFL pretty-boy Tom Brady only clocks in at 8th place, with 99.14% symmetry. And Brady is usually the measuring stick for success, what with 3 rings, a league MVP, a supermodel wife and a modelling career of his own.

So while the anti-Ben enthusiasts out there may never recognize the fact that Ben has more wins through his first 5 years as a starter than Brady, no one can take away the findings of the WSJ. And here I was, just thinking you were a simple fat guy!

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