Ben Roethlisberger Hangs Out With MC Hammer, No Doubt and Tiger Woods

Via Mr. Daulerio over the weekend.

Y’all know that I hate Twitter and all it stands for. However, when randomly obscure celebrities start name-dropping (and picture-dropping) current Steelers via the communication service, then you totally have my ears (and eyes, I guess).

MC Hammer twitted (tweeted? twittered? twisted?) during a Tiger Woods event over the weekend. Big deal, right? Well, not when it involves Steelers QB Big Ben:

“Watching No Doubt with Big Ben and my Son at Tiger Woods event !!”

Random, right? I had totally forgotten that No Doubt had reunited, or that MC Hammer still even existed. But if two-time Super Bowl champ Ben Roethlisberger is hanging out with that crowd, then they’re alright in my book.

And honestly, you could totally turn Hammer’s twit into a Mad Libs, and I’d probably be less shocked at the outcome. Really…just blank out No Doubt, Big Ben, Son and Tiger Woods.

“Watching The Traveling Wilburys with Gary Busey and my Poop at Salvation Army event !!”

Totally makes more sense. Even for Hammer.

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