Bill Cowher Is Weird

Props to my buds at The Pensblog for sending this over.

Bill Cowher made an appearance at yesterday’s Hurricanes playoff game to sound the opening horn. Why do they even have a crank horn? Oh wait, it’s a hurricane alarm horn…I just answered my own question, so don’t bother emailing me.

As The Pensblog guys state, “Canes should have known better. Bill Cowher at a home playoff game. Not a win.” Burn.

I’m more concerned about Cowher’s teeth. Ever since he got those chiclets straightened and whitened, he looks more and more disturbing. Dude, we saw you for 15 years or so on the sidelines in Pittsburgh…if you change something like your teeth, you’re going to scare just about any Steelers fan. But their whiteness is so compelling, which makes it impossible to look away. I guess what I’m saying is Bill Cowher’s teeth are like a car crash, except that their condition improved afterward.

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