Bill Guer-y Roberts?

Picture stolen from Islesblogger.

The Pens just traded for Islanders forward Bill Guerin. The move will add a veteran presence with hopefully some grit. The move is similar to what Ray Shero pulled off 2 years ago with Gary Roberts.

Now, I’m not going to make some absurd statement that Bill Guerin will have the same impact on the city and fans as Roberts, but Bill Guerin could very well have been THE Gary Roberts had a few things worked out at the 2007 trade deadline.

Back then, Shero had a young team that needed a veteran to add toughness to a young, inexperienced team. One of the guys he was looking at was Blues forward…Bill Guerin. There were many reports, all of which I’m too lazy to research, that had Guerin as a possible deadline pickup for Pittsburgh. Instead, Guerin went to San Jose, while Roberts became a cultural icon for the Pens who went to consecutive postseasons, including a Cup finals run.

So while Guerin is old and the move may make a few people scratch their heads, rest assured that Shero knows what he’s doing. Ray isn’t late to the Bill Guerin party, having scouted him immensely at this time 2 years ago. I’m still trying to find what Pittsburgh gave up, as every trade-watch site seems to be overloaded with crazy traffic and I can’t get a link. As of right now, I’m realistically optimistic.

Go Pens?

**UPDATE** The Pens gave up a conditional draft pick for Guerin. 5th rounder. 4th if we make the playoffs. 3rd if we advance past the first round. Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t Tampa Bay give Shero a 3rd rounder just to TALK with Ryan Malone in the offseason? If this is the case, then Shero needs a monument erected in his honor.

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