Carl Joseph Made The Hall Of Fame!

You may remember when I interviewed Carl Joseph back in January. Carl is a one-legged former athlete (as seen on Deadspin and With Leather) who was invited to Pitt Panther training camp by coach Jackie Sherrill back in the early 80s. I asked Carl to write his thoughts about his time in Pittsburgh, and he gladly obliged.

At the time, Carl was happy to be nominated for the Florida High School Athletic Association Hall of Fame, an honor I truly believed he deserved.

So it with great pleasure that I can pass along that Carl was just informed of his induction! PSAMP sends out the biggest congratulations ever!


Former college football coach Jackie Sherrill, a mentor to Joseph, reacted to the announcement by saying, “Congratulations to the selection committee for recognizing a young man who is not in the record books for points, total yardage, sacks or tackles but rather for his ability to inspire the sports world and motivate us to believe we can do anything if we really never, ever give up.”

Frank Yanossy, Joseph’s high school football coach, said, “There is no one individual more worthy of this award.”

Joseph, now a special needs teacher and prep football coach, was elated by his selection. “I feel really blessed that after all these years an honor like this could happen to me,” he said. “When I was a little kid, I used to actually dream about playing varsity sports in high school. But now, to be among these great athletes, that’s something I never could’ve imagined.”

Joseph, who is a bishop in his church and a gospel singer, said his inclusion in the hall of fame gives hope to everyone, especially disabled people, “that anything is possible if you put your mind to it and never quit.”


And this was no sympathy pick, either. Watch that video at the interview link. Dude could tear it up. At least better than I could with both of my legs.

Congrats again, Carl!

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