Celebrity Gossip Blog Readers Typically Aren’t Sports Fans

I have no hard evidence to back up my claim other than my oldest sister. She could care less about sports, but loved to surf the trash blogs every day. I’ll check out a few every now and then, but my blog-browsing is usually limited to sports and news.

Today, WWTDD posted some pictures of former Girl Next Door Kendra Wilkinson. She famously wed Eagles WR Hank Baskett sometime not too long ago, so she’s all about the Eagles now. In the pictures, it looks like there might be a Steelers blanket on the couch, which would be downright blasphemous to her new husband. The readers/commenters took notice:

dirtydiane: “and what the f**k is a steelers blanket doing on the couch? her husband is an eagle for christ’s sake…someone deserves a beating for that shit.”

SuperB: “are we sure that is a Steelers blankie or Chargers, cause shes all Charger obsessed.”

dirtydiane: “those are the steelers colors and the font. no charger blue anywhere on there.”

Zombie: “Good eye on the Steelers and Eagles stuff.. And here I always thought she was a Chargers fan?”

Except that IS a Chargers blanket (from what I can tell). But I guess we’ll just leave those who lurk on gossip blogs to their own ignorance. From what I hear, it’s absolute bliss.


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