Check Out This Awesome Program


I guess this could go along with Mondesi’s look at old Pittsburgh sports programs.

I spent this past Labor Day weekend with my parents at their place, and there’s always cool old stuff turning up since they recently moved. Stuff that’s been tucked away for years up in the attic at the old place, or whatever.

What I found this time was a Roberto Clemente Night program from July 24, 1970 at Three Rivers.

This awesome piece of Pittsburgh sports history shows Clemente with WIIC sports directors Red Donley and Sam Nover.


And as the program points out, “One day, Roberto Clemente will be in the Hall of Fame.” I think that was a pretty safe assumption by 1970.

What you can’t see, in some of the small type, is that, “All funds received are being turned over by Roberto Clemente to the crippled children at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh.

Even on a night honoring him, Clemente was still serving others.

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