China Jack And Gavin Were On B94

Man, China Jack is blowing up. It just seems like yesterday that we were getting random toasts to the 2008 NFL season. Now, he’s backing the Pens, and exerting his influence all over B94 radio.

Jack and Gavin went on the Buckhead and Bubba show to talk all things Penguins, China and China Jack. To those of you who haven’t had a chance to get to know Gavin and his foray into the Far East like I have, this is a perfect way to get you all caught up.

Here’s China Jack on the show. He’s just as funny in real time as he is in the taped toasts.

Also, Gavin took the time to give his back story, and set up a spot for his students.

Finally, said students absolutely kill the Flyers and Flyers fans. Our hate for all things Flyers stretches across oceans, continents and language barriers. So good to know.

Go Pens. So hard.

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