China Jack Is A Better Blogger Than You

After running a semi-well-received blog for an extended period of time, you tend to get tons of emails and link requests from brand-new bloggers trying to get their foot in someone else’s door. They don’t know the game, and want the quickest path to Internet popularity. 99% of the time, noob bloggers burn out after the first month (if they even last that long).

But here’s an entirely new scenario. China Jack has posted his first-ever blog entry over at Gavin’s place. And as long as Jack puts in the effort that he puts into his toasts, then there should be no reason to doubt his continued excellence. And since he’s already a mini Internet star in his own right, Jack has an audience that will presumably hang on his every word.

“My great gratitude to you , my friends.Even though we may not have seen each other, I still hope we will be friends and I would like to tell you anything you are interested in about me. The following is only a brief introduction of myself. I will provide more details to you about what I know, what I do , what I see ,what I think here. I do believe a new kind of friendship will be promoted between you and me whether we be close to or whether we be far far away from one another . Thanks again for reading about me.

Main hobbies: driving, fishing ,cooking, travelling, making friends, running , table-tennis and other relavent sports and have been following the Pittsburgh Hockey team and Steelers for a couple of months and is an oversea fan of these two teams.”

There’s nothing entirely Earth-shattering in terms of slapstick humor, but then again, MY first blog entry was pretty much a turd. For those of you who are still new to the China Jack phenomenon, his first blog should serve as an introduction of sorts. I know his backstory based on the conversations I’ve had with Gavin, but most of you only know Jack from a few quick toasts and videos.

So GAN BEI to Jack, and here’s to many more blog entries. See, I can toast just as well…I think.


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