China Jack Toasts The Super Bowl Champion Steelers

Back during the football season, I had a running segment at the old PSAMP that highlighted the Steelers-insanity of my buddy Gavin in China (he has a new site…check it out!). You can check out the past adventures at the following links on the all-new PSAMP:

So I’m happy to showcase the latest video to come out of Shenzhen, China. Jack, prominently featured in the second and fourth installments (which turned him into a mini Internet star), returns to toast the Steelers on a fantastic history and for winning their record 6th Super Bowl.

The bottle of Martell and the cigarette holder just reeks of class.

I’m fascinated by every Steelers update from China, so if you’re not, you can leave now and I won’t miss you. If you’re still here, enjoy Jack’s latest toast!

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