China Toasts The Pittsburgh Penguins!

Man, these couldn’t have come at a better time. My voice is completely shot after the incredible OT win in Game 2, and some Chinese people could probably sum up my emotions better.

Props to my buddy Gavin for sending these along. Apparently, they’re blocking Youtube in China, so he traveled to Hong Kong to get them onto the Internet. Dedication at its finest.

We’ve seen China Jack and the unnamed Chinese students go to great lengths to profess their Steelers and Pitt Panthers fandoms, but it’s hockey season now. And Gavin wouldn’t be a true Pittsburgher without converting everyone into Penguins fans. It just had to happen.

Here’s China Jack (and his famous bottle of Martell) toasting the Pens and hoping for success in this year’s Stanley Cup playoffs. Jack sounds a little bent, but CHEERS PENGRINS nonetheless!

And here’s Gavin’s students, with a fantastic chant for the team. Since we got the Flyers currently, one girl states that “Flyers fans have the IQ of sweet potatoes.” I couldn’t come up with something half as clever if I tried.

Now, instead of giving you some mindless recap while I try to heal my dead voice, I give you the comedic stylings of some fantastic Chinese Pengrins fans. You wouldn’t have it any other way, right?

Go Pens!

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