Come Watch The Penguins Destroy The Islanders

I talk about Foley’s, our now-legendary Penguins bar in NYC, a lot here at PSAMP. During this Cup run, it was a constant source of content. I’d like to believe that we’re the largest, most dedicated group of Penguins fans outside of the city of Pittsburgh, and a statement like that can’t be too far from the truth. Most of us are ‘Burgh natives (you know I am), and everyone else seems to have some family tie-in to the team. So when you hear about the diehard Pens fans in NYC, you know we’re entirely legit.

And now here’s your chance to hang out with us cool people.

October 3rd is the Islanders home opener…against the Pens. It’ll be the second game of the season for the Pens, and Pittsburgh will hopefully give a rude “Welcome to the NHL” greeting to #1 overall pick John Tavares. My buddy Mark, head of our group, has been organizing a massive trip out to Long Island to check out the game. Right now, we have ~75 Penguins fans confirmed, and we need about 30 more. Tickets are $32 bucks, and you’ll be among 100 other Pens fans in the Coliseum.

To check out the tickets, go here, sign up as a member of our group, and RSVP. Plus, you get to hang out with me, which is reason enough to make this happen.

Picture of Foley’s immediately after time expired in Game 7, courtesy of Kristin.

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