Creation Rex Is Not A Bandwagon Penguins Fan

Remember last week, when we were introduced to the awesomeness that is Creation Rex? The Art Institute of Pittsburgh’s dinosaur statue, who runs his own unreal blog, was dressed in a playoff beard and Penguins jersey in support of the home team. Then, he ate an octopus which helped the Pens win Games 3 and 4.

So I decided to Google Map the Art Institute to try and see Rex from an angle that you can’t get anywhere else online. My little brother is going into his senior year at Point Park University, so I know that area of the Boulevard of the Allies like none other.

When I zoomed into Street View, I could see Rex in his clear pre-playoffs glory. There was some white thing attached to Rex, and from afar, it looked like tighty whities. Now, Rex was still far away, so it would take a few zooms to straighten this out.

Going just a bit closer, the undies-angle was thrown out the window. The blurry white thing is obviously in Rex’s hands, not around his man-parts (dino-parts?). There’s still no way of figuring out what that thing is without zooming in a little more.

No way. That thing looked so familiar, but I’d need some corroberating evidence in order to prove my theory to be correct. It took a little digging, but:

YES! A Pens towel! So those of you that thought that Rex jumped on the bandwagon just so he could sport a sweet beard and awesome black and gold attire…you thought wrong. Rex has no beard in the Google Maps image, not even a little dino-stubble, so Rex has probably been supporting the Pens longer than some of the fans that came aboard just because the team is in the Finals.

Now, with Game 6 looming, Rex might have to eat something even more epic to get the mojo back in our favor.

Go Pens!

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