Creation Rex Is Such A Beast

This guy is Creation Rex, the dinosaur “mascot” of the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. The statue of Rex runs a better blog than 99% of everything out there in the blogosphere. So take notes, all of you that run pathetic blogs.

Prior to Game 3 of the SCF, Rex, complete with playoff beard, chowed down on some fresh octopus. The Pens went on to win that game, something that didn’t slip past Rex’s radar. His inspirational words:

“…and it came to pass that Rex was very prophetic.

What did I tell you? You eat their terrified octopi, you take away their mojo.

One down. Three to go.

Also, suction cups are delicious and very sucky. In a good way.”

Next, someone needs to feed Rex an Elroy Jetson doll dressed up in an Osgood jersey to keep the momentum in Pittsburgh’s favor.

Go Rex. Go Pens.

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