Dan Bylsma Is Never Getting Away From That Burrito


Probably about 6 or 7 years ago, my aunt bought me a sweater for Christmas. I’m no fashion-forward person…I’ll pretty much wear whatever as long as it doesn’t make me look like a douchebag. Anyway, it was a simple sweater with wide vertical ribs on it. I told my aunt how much I liked it, and wasn’t lying in the least. That’s all she needed to hear, and for pretty much every Christmas after that, I got the same-style sweater from her.

Following the Penguins’ Stanley Cup win, Dan Bylsma went back to Wilkes-Barre for…something. And there’s video of him doing whatever it was that he was doing. At one point, Dan thanks all of the wonderful people that helped him during his time as Wilkes-Barre head coach.

As a gift, some dude presented Bylsma with a Qdoba burrito, straight from the lucky shop that Disco Dan would visit prior to each home game. The burrito became a legend in the city, especially since the superstition brought home the Cup. Players have their own quirks, and God knows the fans have plenty, but Dan’s habit of ordering the same burrito (with overwhelmingly positive results) really stuck with some people.

And since everyone associates that Qdoba burrito with winning the Cup, you can rest assured, knowing that Dan will be reminded of that burrito until the day he dies. Or until Qdoba goes out of business. His family will tell him that they got him an amazing birthday present, only to have a Qdoba burrito waiting. Bylsma and the burrito are linked forever, and he’ll never escape the limitless number of characters who will undoubtedly remind him of it at every moment.

Kinda like that sweater. It’s totally rad and I love constantly getting it, but the novelty wears off after like a year or two. Be prepared, Dan.

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