Do You Want A Free City Of Champions Sticker Or Magnet?

Thanks to Trey, he of the Steelers Tastykakes, for these.

PLB Sports has awesome City of Champions stickers and magnets to commemorate the recent championships brought to Pittsburgh. They are in the likeness of those iconic OBX stickers that you’d see on some yuppie SUV. Show those fools that you’re a hardcore Pittsburgher, and that COC > OBX.

You can buy the stickers and magnets here, but I’d like to give some away for free. Because who doesn’t love free stuff?

Every time I’ve ever given anything away here at PSAMP (very infrequently), I usually do an incredibly simple contest. This will be no different. Email me a picture or video of a miniature horse. If you’re quick on the draw, and get me something funny or (preferably) something I haven’t ever used before, I’ll send you a magnet or sticker. There are only a few of these to give away, so make it a priority.

See…it’s not that hard. I coulda had you all fight to the death for these or something.

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