Dude, Rod Woodson, What Are You Guys Talking About?

I have no idea why Rod Woodson and “Retired NFL Player Kenyon Rasheed” are sitting on a spare couch, staring at a webcam and then spouting off about some probably-make-believe football show. One that supposedly also features Tim Brown…but they couldn’t fit him on the couch, apparently. That, and this is a sketchier end product than the [Unnamed] Steelers Pregame Show.

I would do some research into this football venture, but Rod and Kenyon told me that all I have to do is “click the button below.” That seemed to be their main message. Here’s what was directly below the video, where said button was supposed to be.

I see no magic button that will take me to your talk show, Rod Woodson and random former NFLer. And for that, you’ve killed my desire to dig deeper.


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