Dude, What’s The Deal, Chad?

I’ve put it out there before, I’m a fan of Chad Johnson. That’s right…Johnson. You see, I’m now refusing to call him that other last name until he lets me follow him on Twitter.

Oh I used to follow his tweets. I mean, I didn’t even know he had me blocked. Yes…Chad Johnson blocked little old me. Someone tweeted something about him, so I clicked through to his profile and noticed that his tweets were protected and I couldn’t view them. Thinking it was some error on Twitter’s part (you know stuff like that happens when they usually snuff out the spammers) I decided to click the +Follow button again. It was then that I got the message above.

“This user has blocked you from following them.”

What’s the problem, man?

I think I’ve only said one or two things to the dude. One, right after he started his account, was something along the lines of “what’s your thoughts on the Steelers this year?” The other was this, in response to his “Two words. Child please” phase.

Does he have that much of a problem with Ike Taylor? Or me, for that matter? I mean, he’s got like ~300,000 followers, my playful response can’t be the worst thing he hears on a daily basis.

So yeah, your surname is officially JOHNSON until you make amends, Chad.

You guys can follow me here. I won’t block you.

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