eBay Wants Michael Vick To Be A Steeler

Coincidence that Bloomberg made me consider Vick as a Steeler just this morning?

eBay is foreign to me. I’ve never ordered anything from it, and rarely even remember that it exists. But today, my buddy Mike mentioned that there’s some guy on eBay selling some LeBron James scrapbooks on the website for $250k. That got me to searching for the Steelers, Penguins and that one baseball team.

Right near the top of my search for the Steelers was some guy selling a1979 Super Bowl ring with the name LAMBERT on it. The price was $700, so it couldn’t be the real deal. Turns out it’s a replica, complete with cubic zirconias and whatnot. Still, if you’re a hardcore Steelers fan that wants to feel like his 70s idols (and you have 7 bills laying around), this might be a fantastic score.

But the image in the picture startled me upon a second look. There, right behind the rings, was a giant Virginia Tech helmet…VT being the school where Vick got his start, and his athletic exploits there still probably garner him a certain level of notoriety and fame.

Is this some way of foreshadowing? What other connection exists between the Steelers and the Hokies? Is Michael Vick the mostly-forgotten black quarterback who’s going to come to the Steelers and get a ring in 2010 before leaving for a possible starting job elsewhere next year? ‘Cos I think Byron Leftwich can give Mike some pointers.

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