Eric Godard Is A Terrible Enforcer

The Pens signed Forward Eric Godard prior to the 2008-09 season as a cheaper, more efficient version of Georges Laraque. Where Big Georges was an all-around nice guy who wouldn’t fight as much as the fans demanded, Godard would drop the gloves at the…drop of a hat? Sorry, that sentence confused me…so just look at his stellar 08-09 fight card.

When the playoffs started, Godard’s playing time went down. Players rarely fight in those circumstances, because any penalties could end up hurting your team. Just ask the Flyers’ Daniel Carcillo. And the playoffs do weird things to finesse players…just ask Miro Satan. Laraque didn’t play much in the 07-08 playoffs, and the same thing happened to Eric this year. Such is life for the NHL enforcer.

But now I have exclusive video of Godard’s offseason training regimen. And trust me when I say that I’m not at all pleased with what I see. Instead of hitting the gym with a sparring partner to perfect his technique, Godard is getting his ass kicked by a girl. However, this is no Jackass: The Movie, Ass Kicked By Girl…this is Godard getting crushed by like a two year old.

If our enforcer can’t even stand up to a toddler on the beach, then who is going to look out for Sid and Co. during a title defense?

(all jokes, as this is eric messing around with his niece. here’s a few other quick clips of eric playing in the sand)


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